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why kelly's klowns above the rest?

...kelly & her klowns have been kickin’ up fun professionally for 20 years
...we adjust our routines & customize the party to suit ages & number of kids
...wee ones adore us... teens do think we are cool - phat even!
...we are intelligent & unintimidating 
...our voices, makeup, costumes & rapport with kids are key to our performance
...we adjust our tone & energy levels depending on the atmosphere
...we are fully insured & have proof!
...we have a great reputation - a proven track record & friends in high places
... our shows are low in fact & carbs

face painting and balloon art
 our jest ducky package

a 1 hour party 

it includes our famous face painting & balloon art for up to 10 kids. (more kids? that's o.k) this package is hosted by a fabulous kelly’s junior  or top klown if available. all children including the birthday child get a surprise giveaway & a kelly’s klowns sticker. the event concludes with a special presentation of a card and present for the birthday recipient.  a fitting finale!
face painting examples


faces, balloons, music and magic with a top kelly klown
big apple package

a 1.5 hour party

it includes everything in the jest ducky package plus it’s like having a t.v show in the living room. this is a more - showy - package than the first one. there is comedy, clown antics, sight gags & slapstick fun. an illusionary 20 minute kids magic show with the production of a live dove is the finalé - the magic has big movements, bright colours and is especially geared towards kids ages 2-8 

if you've seen david copperfield...

this is nothing like him! kellbells is great at putting children at ease and is a very hip clown. kelly is zany, full of surprises and her motto “UGOTTAWANNA” appeals to kids and adults alike. this package promises a super time!

substitute the magic to make this package  unique with an interactive short story or
interactive clown games

face painting examples


faces, balloons, music and magic with a top kelly klown  little tykes package

a 1.5 hour party

almost everything** that is included in our top klown package but we mix & match magic & music! this package has a few tricks (not full magic show) but comes alive with an interactive sing-a-long & more to a ukelele or guitar.

it also includes an always popular bell-ringing-round with the children directed by the clown. it’s a real ding-a-ling of a party that has the little ones giggling with delight. sing-a-long includes twinkle-twinkle little star, the hokey pokey and shake your sillies out... but who knows! sometimes there are crazy boomwhakker sticks & more instruments to participate with... we just might get creative that day. this is dynamite package for the little ones 5 and under.

** rapunzel -the dove does not work for this show

substitute the magic to make this package unique with an interactive short story or
interactive clown games

face painting examples

our cartoon portrait package

a 1 hour party

these are such great little cartoon portraits of the kids. each child gets to take a hand-drawn picture of themselves to take home & frame. what's fun about the pictures is something that the child likes to do is part of the drawing. this package is good for up to 8 children (more kids - more time) each one takes 5-7 minutes to do. before we go each of the kids gets very special twisted balloon!
(add face painting too)
scott magic party

will leave little people speechless

a 1 hour show

this party is excellent for 4-12 year olds - magic adjusted to suit ages of kids at party - scott is our fabulous magical friend from toronto who’s show was voted “best magic birthday party” by city parent magazine.

high energy comedy magic highlights:

- a brush with a dangerous "card shark"
- a levitation using houdini's stinky old slippers
- the production of "houdini", scott's bunny rabbit 
(with the help of the birthday child!)
- children are allowed to pet the bunny 

& there’s more!

right after the magic show the audience learns a magic trick appropriate to their age & the children receive a balloon animal to take home!

*scott can be booked to attend your child’s party as a graduate from hogwartz! and do a terrific complete harry potter theme party.


cinderella & princess theme parties
girls just gotta have fun

a 1 hour party

 a super party for little girls who believe in the wonderful fantasy of the world of princesses & fairies. princess barbie wears a beautiful pink princess dress has a crown, glass slippers and a pink feather boa. she is girl friendly & an does inspired princess face painting! she can also knock the socks off the little men with her batman, spiderman, dragons & more! after everyone is face painted she will do double & triple twisted balloon art and hand out kelly’s klowns stickers. 

a couple more things...

there are give aways for each child - big diamond rings and kelly's klowns stickers too. to add to the party we have mom buy glittery nail polish & apply while to the new princesses nails while barbie is completing the faces. the guest of honour receives a crown, wand & pink feather boa & an autographed picture of barbie. there is lots of laughter & spirited barbie conversation!

special edition barbie package

add one of the following to make this package unique
an interactive short story
an interactive princess game
a magic show
a hand-made custom crafted crown

face painting examples



jewels are a girls best friend

a 1 hour party (20 minute set up)

this package gets girls to make original hand-made beautiful bracelets
we will come into your home with a huge assortment of flourishes: multi-coloured beads, bells, barbie shoes, shells, crystals, glitter, pearls of every colour you can think of. you’ll need a good sized table cleared for the set-up. each girl will create her own personal bracelet. 

the package is for up to 8 girls for ages 10 & up. 

at the end of the party - for the birthday girl - a presentation of a crown to match her bracelet is revealed. it’s the show-stopper. the birthday girl will be able to choose one additional special flourish from a new bundle of goodies gay will show her to add to her ooh-la-la crown. 

excellent for teens & young adults!
more sophisticated bracelets can be created


with specialty face painter/balloonist 

a 1.5 hour party

what can you say about spidey. he is a hot commodity (now & always) at boys parties. our spidey looks & acts like the real thing. for 10 kids ages 3-7 

but first as the opening act

our kelly’s klowns funky facepainter combination balloon artist will wow the kids with awesome spiderman faces & tattoos for 1 hour. if it is a co-ed party - don’t worry we’re gender friendly but the more mini-spidermen the better for the “must have photo” with spiderman. the artist will bring along the giveaways & guest of honours present

highlights of the webbed ones appearance

spidey is seen sneaking into the room
& the kids go wild - absolutely wild.
- spidey is active! he has a "class" on spiderman poses, how to climb, crawl, web shooting techniques & a few friendly spidey karate moves.
-the foot races & a special spidey limbo game are next.
- "spiderman fact" quiz that has the children guessing answers from the comic & movie. each child wins a prize
- for added spidey fun (if there is time) have a short game prepared for spiderman & the kids. he is a super hero & likes participatory games. 

-in true spidey form he has to leave quickly.
spidey is on site for 30 minutes 

face painting examples

with exclusive kelly’s klowns creature 
facepainting & balloon art! 

a 2 hour presentation all-together

another wonderful kelly's klowns presentation! this is an education fun fair for kids. this first one hour is a visit from of amazing reptiles from skinks, chameleons, geckos, poison dart frogs, snakes & spiders

what’s after the wild creatures?

the kids turn into them! this package rounds off with the arrival of a plain clothes division face painter that takes what the kids have seen & transforms them one by one into amazing creatures. we can do fantasy faces, tattoos or even leg art of any unusual bug, reptile, mammal or imaginary creature they choose.

just when you thought it was over

the face painter puts down the brush & palette to begin twisted balloon creations of anything the kids want. ladybug & turtle bracelets are a favourite.

this party works well with 10 children

face painting examples

a 30-45 minute package

choose a theme-choose a character-we’ll create the package

scary stories
silly stories
funny stories
animal stories
adventure stories
fairy tales
folk tales
multicultural stories
biblical stories

do you have options here or what?

choose an age group
choose a setting
girls-boys or co-ed?
tell us the age group
performances are 30 or 45 minutes
featuring audience participation

features games, movement, sounds & props!

all custom created with 100% kid satisfaction

schools, museums, zoos, hospitals, libraries, boy & girl scout groups, nature centres, private parties - wherever there are kids - there is story

add one of the following to make this package unique
face painting
balloon art

face painting examples



a minimum 1.5 hour presentation

10 children or less

basic package includes 2 of the following activities of your choice. additional activities are priced as listed. each additional activity means an added 20 minutes to the program.

basic package
2 presenters
displays of weapons, armor, clothes, jewelry etc
pouch with a treat for each child (use these as grab bags)
the birthday child takes home a special gift 

choose 2 of the following possible activities

jousting game (9+ yrs)
tag game
target game
create your own coat of arms
hit the knight
making chain-maille (9+ yrs)
dragon’s egg pinata game
fighting demonstration
cutting demonstration
the gauntlet (combination package)

available to be expanded into a full presentation for classrooms


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