razzle dazzle ‘em with
colour, laughter & imagination!

clowns create an atmosphere of mirth & are the perfect party guests! all of the clowns that work for kelly’s klowns are a cut above your ordinary “red nosers”
...our top clowns (& variety performers) are professionally schooled in venues across north america & some even internationally 
...we are are intelligent & unintimidating
...we all have beautifully designed, costumes & faces
...personalities of clowns are booked to suit your event
...our top clowns multi-task - balloons, faces & pocket tricks 
...we do not chew gum, eat or chat on our cell phones on location
...we always show up on time & at the right location! 
...our top clowns work well with special needs children
...we are insured for all of our events anywhere in canada & we have proof!
...all of our clowns maintain their “clown character” while on site 
...we have business class clowns & costumes designed for corporate & private high profile events


firekracker kelly
firefracker is the grand poo-ba at Kelly's Klowns.  firekracker is booked for corporate or private gigs that need top-end face painting, balloons & prop-comedy magic shows for children. firekracker excels at improv clown comedy walk-around (small kids or big kids). she is also one of our top magical & musical birthday party klowns. she’s above & beyond your average clown.

corporate events

firekracker kelly has a magic show that is specifically geared to smaller children, firekracker kelly has bright, colorful illusions for children aged 3-10 years old... but she is terrific at making kids magic a comedy act for teens and adults.  highlights of firekracker kellys show are the world's fastest quick change artist, an amazing balloon to real dove illusion from thin air and a mysterious egg that can't decide if it's real or fake, a trickster fake bunny (for the little ones), sight gags that make sense to some and are just plain strange to others, a duck that can read minds and pick your card, bunny's that change colour, physical comedy movement and more! she also does a terrific clown prop sketch with a single chair to music that recruits the children's and adult's imagination.

7 awards for klowning... from las vegas and chicago as well..... nominated best entertainer and entertainment company in various cities by the general public.... and has been nominated by the kw arts council awards 7 times in total.


l’il heidi is our oktoberfest clown originally created as an onkel hans niece for k-w oktoberfest,
l’il heidi visits anyone wanting wunderbar fun with top-end face painting, balloons & prop-comedy magic shows for children - the first two weeks in october. l’il heidi is booked for grown-up corporate events associated with “gemutlicheit” & works at individual festenhallens with walk-around comedy
& mini mayhem. she is an mc, hostess, meet & greeter & has a great remedy for hangovers. 

smarty pants is a very special clown. smarty is the smaller version of kelly but without the insanity! as kelly’s favourite & only daughter, smarty started face painting at a very early age - 5. it is probably why smarty is one of our extra-ordinary top face painters & has graduated from the well-known complections international make-up academy in toronto fall 2005. face and body art conventions and smarty is available for corporate parties. see our specialty face painting section for her designs & work. smarty pants is currently attending college to be a dental hygenist to help keep everyone's smile as healthy and bright as can be.  she is our top klown and she specializesin free hand face painting and airbrushing, balloon art, jest ducky packages, and tattoos




eh 1 loonie was developed for canada day celebrations she is a real patriot & is wonderful as a
top face painter, balloon artist, hosting classroom trivia
sessions about canada, mc for any canuck events, festivals, corporate functions, political rally’s the whole year through - wherever & whenever you pay tribute to our great nation - eh 1 loonie’s gotta be there. eh 1 loonie won bronze in
las vegas 2004 out of 140 entrants for paradability.


kamalot has been known to paint a face or two, or leg, or back or head or arm or elbow. kamalot does face painting exclusively ‘cause she’s afraid of balloons.


baby k has been a long time pro on the kelly’s klowns birthday party, balloon & face painting circuit. she was trained from scratch & clowns with the company whenever she can. she is in her 2nd year at seneca college for clothing design. we don’t see her as often as we like to but after 7 years training & experience with kelly’s klowns she is a fantastic face painter & balloon artist for
private & corporate functions.
she hopes that sooner or later we will all be
wearing her line of clothing designs. watch out versaci!

kelly yearns to be part of the business world. so she developed a clown character that can go where no other clown character can... the office then the golf course! korpor8 klown is used for corporate functions where some levity is needed. she does walk around improv work from table to table/group to group with comedy & “inside jokes” based on the companies objectives of the event. she can also be found “roasting” executive teams & congratulating winners that have met their deadlines or goals. of course... since it is kelly under the makeup...  superior face painting, corporate tattoos & balloons are available. unfortunately korpor8 can’t golf yet. anyone interested in offering lessons?



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