history of kelly's klowns and kelly lynn diehl

" professional loonies"

"fire kracker kelly" aka kellbells, aka eh#1 loonie, aka lil' heidi from kw oktoberfest fame,aka the boss klown at kelly's klowns, now celebrating 20 years of business based on a vision to entertain and provide humor as a pre-teen.

kelly believes in diversity as her portfolio encompasses award winning clowning, celebrity impersonation, magician and motivational speaker.

to enhance her craft she has performed in the past in over 400 performances yearly within the kelly's klowns network and the entertainmnet community throughout north america. ms. diehl has trained in a variety of fields in order to become proven and respected in her craft: both as a clown and variety entertainer. grooming includes, but is not limited to, second city, barber shop chorus, dale carnegie, civitan director and kw little theatre. studied with simon cotter, yuk yuks and more.........

trained and mentored after glen " frosty little" master clown, kelly's adopted clown dad, he is was inducted into the clown hall of fame, along with earl chaney, both ringling boss clowns. mr. chaney accomplishments include mcdonalds fame being a ronald for eight (8) years.

kelly's accomplishments include being a favorite personality on romper room, celebrate guest on local talk shows and she has a abundance of articles written about her agency and her work and her entertainment goals.

ambtions and feats ....... one goal being a clown museum to give back to the industry                                            that envelopes her personality.  have fun with the zany personality of "firekracker"....... her show includes physical comedy it is musical, is magical with chairs flying and animals appearing and do not miss the adlived puns along the way!!! raised two wonderful children (now adults) cory and casey .. now known as gram bella

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